Maharashtra Steel Seamless Pipe
MSSP Stock Square Pipe

MSSP Stock Square Pipe

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Contingent on the wall thickness and size, our MSSP Stock Square Pipes are obtainable in either sort A500, ASTM A 106 GR B or A500 Grade B. Every sort is suitable for every structural usages, repairs, production and normal fabrication. In addition, provided pipes are immensely deployed in frames, trailers, truck beds, transportation equipment, agricultural instruments, industrial handling and more. As contrasted to channels or angles, our MSSP Stock Square Pipes permit higher rigidity and strength due to their box-formed construction. Our pipes’ configuration is simple to machine, form, cut and weld with the appropriate knowledge and equipment.

Key Features:

  • Slight and smooth oil coating applied
  • Have balanced chemical features
  • Effective elongation rate with great thickness
  • Comes in cut lengths and plain end

FINISH:  - Dark Blue/Black, smooth slight oil coating;

Gray, slighty grainy, dry

Yield Point = 72 ksi (A513); 46 ksi (A500)
Tensile Strength = 87 ksi (A513); 58 ksi (A500)
Elongation in 2" = 10% (A513); 23% (A500)
Outside Corner Radius = 3X wall max.
Iron - 99%, 
Carbon - .05%-.23%, 
Manganese - .3%-.6% Max,
Phosphorous - .04% Max, 
Sulfur - .04% Max

AVAILABLE STOCK SIZES:100X50,  200x100, 250x200, 300x20, 400x300,

HOW TO MEASURE:Height (A) X Width (B) X Wall Thickness (C) X Length


  • Liquid Transmission
  • Mech. and General Engineering
  • Structural
  • Water and Sewage
  • Water Wells
  • Fire Protection
  • Fencing & Many more...


  • ASTM A 106 GR B
  • ST-52.3
  • IS:1239(Part-I)/2004, BS:1387-1990
  • IS :4923
  • IS:1161-1998
  • IS:3589/2001
  • ASTM A-53 GR A&B SCH 20/40/80/120/140/160


  • Hydrostatic Test
  • Eddy Current Test
  • Flattening/Flaring Test/Bend Test
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Other Tests as Required by the Standard


  • Plain end
  • Cut lengths


  • Black (self colored uncoated)
  • Outside protective coating oil/varnish